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    The UAE remains a highly promising market for third generation (3G) mobile services, highly characterized by over penetrated mobile market coupled with vast affluent population that tends to be more tech-savvy. As a result, the number of mobile subscribers is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 25% (2007–2012) to reach 2.4 Million by 2012 end, according to our new report, “Booming UAE Telecom Sector”.There has been a mass migration of users from traditional voice-only mobiles to more sophisticated third-generation mobile technology over the recent years. Analyzing the present scenario of mass migration, our report has said that the number of 3G mobile subscribers will reach 2.4 Million by 2012. Moreover, with the better understanding of the technology, availability of more affordable 3G handsets in the market, the sales of 3G mobile phones increased by around 22% in 2008 over 2007.

    We have also found that penetration in the mobile market reached over 190% in 2008, leaving less room for operators to further take advantage of the market. Hence, operators are now looking at Value Added Services (VAS) to derive revenue from saturated mobile market. With rapidly declining Internet subscription rate and easy availability of high-speed broadband access, the number of Internet subscribers is projected to grow at a CAGR of approx. 25% during 2009-2012.

    “Booming UAE Telecom Sector” gives extensive research and detailed information of various telecom segments, such as fixed-line, Internet and 3G. It thoroughly analyzes the UAE telecommunication market, taking into consideration various factors that remain requisite for intended growth in the market. The report further evaluates the potential of emerging telecom technologies like WiMAX, Mobile TV and IPTV.

    Besides, as the telecom market remains duopoly of Etisalat and du, the report, keeping in mind the importance of these two players in the UAE telecom market, also offers rational analysis of both these operators. This includes in-depth research and extensive analysis of their business activities, recent developments and SWOT analysis with regard to the UAE telecom industry.