• Management Team


    K H Thakur

    He brings on board almost 30 years of Business Experience. He has diverse entrepreneurial experience from being a Stock Broker in the Capital Markets to being an Investment Banker. He has advised many entrepreneurs in starting up their business ventures and has mentored them successfully leading them through their growth path. He also owns interests in several properties and enterprises that were started on his own initiative. This includes an accredited institute that is involved in training in Insurance. He is also a business consultant to several clients who approach him for advice on business development and runs it as an independent practice.

    He commenced activity in trading by setting up Turako Trading as a Free Zone Company in United Arab Emirates. He saw the need to have a presence in trading in the Middle East as the trend in the market began to show change within certain industries. It was time to bring out the best in a market that began to show declining trends where the large organizations would progress only by ensuring cost managements. He therefore set up a lean but mean organization to offer value based solutions to large Multi National Corporate clients who would be looking for efficiency in procuring their requirement independently.

    Cyrus J Mehta

    Cyrus J. Mehta brings on board almost 30 years of experience in the oil, gas and nuclear power industry. Having spent many years as the Chief Purchasing Director for a large industrial conglomerate, a Director of Marketing and Sales for a lube oil refinery in the Middle East, he has mastered the tediousness and time consuming processes and difficulty in procuring diverse equipments as per specific product requirements. He also brings on board an entrepreneurial mind-set, having set up and run a successful business for over 10 years that was specifically geared to leading-edge, environmentally conscious technology inputs into the oil, gas and nuclear power industry. We consider him an invaluable asset to our company

    Kanan Agarwal

    Kanan Agarwal, our manager, is an MBA and a Lead Certified Auditor for ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System. Armed with a capability as a Quality Management Consultant, she has experience in workings of various industries, giving her a good understanding and learning of different business processes and project management. Her experience has developed her skills to learn, adapt and deliver the results with changing situations. Her qualifications represent a keen and inquisitive mind-set and we consider that a valuable attribute for our company.