• Message from the Chairperson


    The recent economic downturn has seen companies eager to cut costs, reduce manpower, decrease overheads, increase profits and maintain market share. A tall order and yet most companies are gearing themselves to work within the constraints that have been put forth by their respective boards/share holders.

    Our management saw a specific niche within this time capsule and hence Turako Trading was set up mainly to provide large conglomerates with ‘Sourcing, Procuring & Delivering’ of ancillary products for large projects.

    Unlike many companies that have history and fame, we are young and new and here to service a niche that we believe results in time-saving and cost-cutting for large industries, allowing them to focus on their core strengths and core deliverables.

    Whilst this may mean a paradigm shift in the traditional business model for many companies, the leads that we have generated and serviced to date have convinced us that a service such as ours is indeed the need of the hour.

    What makes us different is the strength that we garner from our own team members who collectively have several decades of experience across the financial, oil and gas, heavy industry, nuclear and power generation sectors. With team members who have successfully run their own financial services businesses to individuals who have functioned over extended periods of time as Chief Purchasing Officers we bring to the table a diverse set of skills that include but are not limited to, understanding your requirements and then negotiations, networking, sourcing, procuring and delivering your requirements and what’s more, they are not willing to come to a compromise in speed, cost or quality.

    Our aim is to be your preferred partner in getting you what you need, when you need it, at the best possible price from wherever it is that the quality requirement is assured.

    We choose to grow with you in your innovation and towards this goal our resource management keeps us busy networking and establishing contacts with providers of equipment necessary to promote a green environment.